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Why Integrating Different Software Applications is Beneficial


Smart business people are finding ways to streamline business process by integrating a number of software applications together. Instead of running different software applications separately, integrating several applications together has plenty of advantages. For example, integrating one of the best ERP solutions in the market like Netsuite with one of  the best CRM software in the marketplace such as Salesforce can take a business to another level . The  remainder article highlights some of the benefits of integrating various software applications together.


Streamline Business Processes


Firstly, integrating software solutions together plays a key role in streamlining business processes. It becomes much easier to transfer data from software A to B and vice versa, when systems are integrated. When applications run separately, transferring data from one point to another is usually cumbersome and time consuming because the process is manually done. Also, plenty of errors can occur when an employees transfers data manually between applications. For example an ERP solution like Netsuite can be integrated with salesforce data integration best practices so that a company enjoys the benefits of both applications from a single platform. Salesforce main work is to attract and nurture leads while Netsuite handles all the business management process in a company such as accounting, supply management, ecommerce, inventory management etc. Integrating the two  application gives business people many advantages as they  can now track customers from the point of acquisition up to the point where payment is completed.


Boost productivity


Aside from streamlining business processes,integrating applications can boost employees productivity by a great margin. This is because time consuming, repetitive and cumbersome process can be automated so that employees are left with tasks that help the company grow. The last thing management wants is to pay  people that don't  add real value to the company.


Enhance Efficiency


Last but not least, efficiency can be enhanced in a business when systems are integrated together. Running systems separately is time consuming and cumbersome to say the least. Integration helps to eliminate repetitive processes such as the manual uploading of data. Also, the accuracy of data is improved when two systems are integrated together. Manual uploading of data is usually full of glaring errors. However, it is important to note that integrating software requires special application known as middleware. These are application that enable one software to integrate with another.For example, Celigo is a premium connector application that enables the integration of Netsuite and salesforce excel